Friday, March 30, 2007

whoever said girls don't like watching sports was wrong.

this is a co-write from the smart and single trio. do enjoy.

they were just thinking about it wrong. sometimes, we wanna watch the game. but really, most of the time we're much more interested in watching the players.

recently, the gals-around-town (nay, across the states) have been talking about the deliciousness that is the athlete, especially the man-hunk that is the avid soccer player. and here are some of our faves and why. (and you rockers and ar-teests and nerds out there, don't worry, we like you too. but potentially for different reasons) they aren't in any particular order, but we ARE saving the best for last...

the gallant golfer
okay, so this one varies a lot. but if you go for the young lot, you might find a four of young-ish pretty-boy guys. and there's nothing wrong with checking out the pretty boy. another benefit--as long as they aren't wearing the weird caps or whatever, these guys are usually dressed nicely instead of in outfits emblazoned with school/team names or whatever. and that's nice, 'cause it makes it easier for them to take you out afterwards. now, the uniforms have their benefits too, but we'll get to that...

the big basketball player
y'know, sometimes they're hot. but a lot of times these guys are a leeetle too tall. and if you can't SEE them, then what's the point? and, um, gals don't like feeling dwarfish...also, this game usually moves too fast for us to get to do a lot of checking out. But if we get to see you after the game? We're probably checking out your shoulders.

the fantastic football player
usually, we're not talking about linemen here. think quarterback. think halfback. think runningback. heck, think about their back SIDE. tight asses people. tight asses in shiny pants. pretty much the only time guys should wear pants this tight, but good lord. brainy and foxy went to college together, and attended pretty much every football game we could in college. and let me tell you, we were a LOSING team. if we weren't busy flirting or wearing off the pre-game partying, we were probably checking out the football players.

the blow-your-mind baseball player
hello, men who look good in caps. and more tight pants. and lots of bending over for those grounders. dirt looks sexy on these guys--and if they aren't busy sliding into home (oh god that was a bad pun) then they're making awesome-looking catches or throws. they can be a little over-zealous about the game though, and that makes the attraction dissipate.

the ravishing rower
these boys have ARMS. and LEGS. and SHOULDERS. and tans. and they wear unis and look like studs. again, this sport is not for spectators that are weak of heart. between the rippling waves and the rippling biceps, there's some man candy to see. sometimes though these guys are buff but ridiculously skinny. but when they're not? good for the old peepers, for sure. Foxy didn't really know much about these beauties until she moved to the east coast--and she had NO IDEA what she was missing. yowza!

the sun kissed surfer
generally without a shirt, wet and tanned from all that time in the sun, these guys tend to be on the healthy, earth-friendly side of life--not to mention are almost always happy. Because who wouldn't be happy after catching an awesome wave? Added bonus: they are more than
willing to teach you to surf, allowing alone beach time, sun screen rubbing (aloe rubbing for post burn) and flirtatious spashing. lucky sexy--she lives near those west coast surfer boys.

the rugged rugby player
big. brawny. fearless. And pretty much the life of any party. In fact, most college rugby club teams throw the best parties on campus. Plus any Florence Nightengail ladies get plenty of opportunities to take care of the rough and tumble guys post game. Be careful though ladies, these guys have a rough side--but sometimes that's what makes 'em so sexy.

the hot-n-heavy hockey player
whether on or off the ice, these guys are usually a good time. They're fun to watch because they definitely fulfuill the whole "bad boy" thing...usually the last to be pushed around in their sport, they slam into the plexiglass with a "yeeeowch" from onlookers.. and a somewhat attractive sense of "toughness." These guys might not be the preppiest, the most ripped, or the most well-mannered (at least on the ice) but they can definitely score with their rugged competitive edge..

the slick, slippery swimmer
not the most televised of athletes, these guys don't get the attention they deserve. But, man, gotta tell ya.. when the Olympics are on, Brainy's (and Sexy's and Foxy's, too) mouth waters for those hunks in speedos. Maybe it's the lean nature of the body along with typically handsome looks. Maybe it's b/c they're fast. Maybe it's the way they throw their (well-sculpted) arm into the air when victory takes place...Whatever it is, we like it..and that takes A LOT to say when admiring a guy in things that look like panties and a swim cap.

the tantalizing tennis player
about 95% of men who play tennis are REALLY good looking. and not just in the body--in the face too. and the arms. and the legs. their hair ends up all floppy from playing, and they wear silly sweat-headbands and mmmmm. they often sport nice i've-actually-been-in-the-sun tans, and there's sun-bleached hilights in their hair. A smart girl'll let them luv-luv her anytime! (ha!)

the soccer stud
hands down, they win. serious. like, game is theirs, no contest. soccer is quite physically demanding sport. and it lends itself to creating some breathtaking hunks of man-art. if you've ever gotten up-close and personal with a soccer player, you know what I'm talking about. they're thin enough but meaty too, and they've got the right amount of muscle in all the right places. and good lord, their asses. is it getting hot in here?!? hands down, girls prefer the soccer stud. seriously, took a poll last night. hubba hubba.

some happy thoughts for your friday. and enjoy the final four. and if you don't enjoy the game then just think about your fave type of sports guy--'cause we will...

~fs, bb and tso, the sporty one!

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Trixie said...

not me... i love watching sports.. any sports... on tv or live. it's more fun when the players are cute too. ;)

i am partial to the tennis players... why are they so damn hot?! baseball guys are next then surfers/swimmers.... sigh.... :)