Monday, March 12, 2007

Words to the wise: UTIs....

Gah! I hate being a chick sometimes. I shouldn't blog about this, but I don't care.. b/c if you've ever had one.. you can relate. It takes OVER. Series of repeated thoughts...

Must pee NOW.
Nope. Nope.. Cant seem to go..
Gee, that whole feeling of fire "down there" is super fun
I wonder if the secretary at work has noticed that I've gone to the bathroom 6 times in the past 30 minutes
WHY HASNT MY DOCTOR CALLED ME BACK?! DOESNT HE UNDERSTAND I MIGHT BE DYING.. death by bladder.. not a fun way to go...

Personally, I seem to get them every time I even THINK about sex. Yeah. Annoying. My personal fav is when people offer advice like "hey, dont forget to pee afterwards" I think to myself "Gee.. I should have totally thought about that 10 UTIs ago." *sigh* Contemplating an IV of cranberry juice.. Fact. Also, I have to back up Foxy's blog about the drug interaction.. Seriously.. why is it that every single antibiotic I take interacts with my pill?!!! Granted, a UTI doesn't make me wanna run out and screw someone, but for crying out loud, if this was a guy's dilemma, it would have already been solved. (inserts sarcastic furrowed brows in deep thought) Hmm.. wonder if I should get totally well... or have sex... yeah.. thats a fair decision. The UNFAIR decision is allergy meds that interact.. It's like "Hmm.. runny nose... unborn fetus... take your pic" *sigh*


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foxysavant said...

UTIs are MISERABLE. I hate them. I had three in two months once--it was terrible.

but instead of a cranberry juice iv I started taking the extract. bought it at target. it helped SO MUCH.

go buy some tonight!