Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nah, it's not gonna happen! not in a million years!

ah, lily allen. heard her song knock 'em out? it's hilarious.

and it's y'know, about the oh-so-gentle way of letting a guy down.

for instance, she explains, " They're like "alright what you sayin? can i take your digits?", And you're like 'No not in a million years', 'You're nasty please leave me alone.' "

and sometimes just 'cause that's what you're thinking doesn't mean you're gonna say it. well, most of the time. we ladies? we like to be nice if all possible. sometimes too nice, but usually we're not gonna whip out those three little words. instead, we're going to try to avoid the issue, and politely decline.

but the catch for me? it's that I'm not a good liar. I try not to lie. Even in a situation where I don't know you and you don't know me and I could really just say "I have a boyfriend" and it would be over. That's not to say I've never lied--I've pretended I was a lesbian before (hey, y'all have too!) and I must admit that once I kinda did lie about whether or not I was married (I totally left my ex two days later, actually, and kinda crushed some poor unsuspecting guy who shared my birthday, though in a different year, and whose friends bought me and my girlfriends drinks, which I still sorta feel bad for, though for the record I only flirted with him) but anyway, I TRY to avoid it. I just hate hurting people's feelings.

I mean, sometimes you can say "I'm flattered, but no thank you." But sometimes the guys ask WHY. Or they're like, well, just let me take you to dinner. Just gimme a chance...

Once, in a bar with a co-ed group, one of whom really was my boyfriend, a guy who I said no to actually grabbed my hand, wouldn't let go and PLEADED for the chance to take me to dinner--it was in the stars he said. Or the time that this guy kept trying to get his groove on with my very taken friend Cory, and she kept trying to get away from him. Both times the guys came to-ahem-let the person know to leave, but it was a MESS.

Or there are the guys who are strangers but come to rescue you when someone who is clearly a skeeze is hitting on you, only to turn around and hit on you too. And unless they happen to be terribly funny and adorable, they're not getting anywhere either.

So if he's sketch, fugly or not your style, how do you let the guy down gently? 'cause you can't tell him off, or walk away, or punch him, and sometimes they won't take no for an answer, so no one could blame us if we did...right?


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BrainyBlonde said...

Oh, foxy, Im the WORST at letting a guy down.. buuut.. sometimes in a bar..
1. I act like its too loud to hear them hit on me.. then retreat to the bathroom...haha...
2. I act like my phone's ringing.. and I have to get it. NOW. Away from him.
3. With the overbearing assclowns, I'm just a bitch. I flirt, lead them into it a little.. then SLAM.. it's the "I know you're an asshole, buddy.. you're not fooling anyone.."
4. With the nice guys, I often DO lie and say I have a boyfriend.. Sometimes I even regret this as too quick a decision.. but ultimately have a good time with my girlfriends so who cares...

I'd stick with the hard at hearing thing.. LOL! It's funnier than the rest..