Wednesday, March 14, 2007

But, is he witty....

I'll admit it. I have my dense days.. my days when I'm not so "brainyblonde" but more just..well.. blonde. However, for the most part, I'm a witty beeotch. I consider myself pretty damn versatile actually with the wit-serious combo.. but whatever. Anyway, I cannot STAND it when wit seems to fly over an otherwise-intelligent guy's head. This seems to be the case lately with Mr. Safe. AGH!!! I mean.. it's just weird to think I actually THOUGHT about dating the guy...For example.. our recent intant message:

Me: How was the concert?
Him: Okay, the opening was bad, though
Me: I dont ever go for the opening. I just drink til the real band comes on. haha.
Him: I dont want to miss anything
Me: "(insert music) I dont wanna cloooooose my eyes.. I dont wanna fall asleeeeep." lol!
Him: What?
Me: The song. "I dont wanna miss a thing."
Him: I dont get it.
Me: (getting frustrated) Nevermind. It was that you didnt want to miss anything, you said.
Him: When?
Me: Omg.. about the concert. NEVERMIND.
Him: Oh, I understand. haha.
Me: (Stopped typing b/c I feel he deserves some sort of Chinese water torture for being so dense.. and I cant really SAY I just sit and stare at the screen.. *sigh*)

What. just. happened. *sigh* haha. :)


foxysavant said...

he is sooooo not pickin' up what you're puttin' down. boo. on. him.

next, please. ;)

Lauren said...

Haven't heard about Mr. Safe in awhile. Did he get over the V Day flower fiasco?

Funny story. I can totally picture you rolling your eyes a bunch while you were typing!