Thursday, March 15, 2007


Hey, it's okay in my book...

~ to really not like condoms ( I didnt say not USE them.. but not like them)
~ to let him buy you a drink...even though you dont plan on talking to him for more than five minutes...
~ to be smart, single, and career minded...but have tons of admiration for stay at home moms. Seriously.
~ to wonder what it would have been like with that one guy....then quickly say "whew"
~ to make out. at a bar. not a bar where your friends or anyone you really KNOW frequents. but it can happen. dont feel bad.
~ to say dirty, dirty things when under the influence of alcohol...or sometimes not.. haha..
~ to like to be treated like a lady.. with chivalry.... (like how Foxy references below though.. not over the top)
~ to be selfish with the orgasms. yeah, i said it. Giver...taker...whatever.. GET YOURS!! haha!!!
~ to really use the term "dating" as DATING..and not "relationship" sheez!!
~ to think about what your kids might look like...
~ to dance shamelessly with that one guy.. ya know.. that ONE guy that ya probably shouldn't be dancing with...
~ to not make excuses to anyone

Yeah. That's what I think.


foxysavant said...

I wish you had numbered so I could agree with you on specific ones!

I like them all. And laughed out loud about making out at a bar. Over sushi a few weeks ago my friend Marla was just, "Foxy, make out. It's okay. You can totally be a lip whore if you want."

well done with the listage.

freckledk said...

I needed that. Thank you.

Trixie said...

hear hear!

i agreed on every single one!

great post, loved the list. :)