Sunday, March 18, 2007

beating the odds.

so. this is one of the times that I really wish I knew how to calculate the odds. I mean, I know what the chances are that in a bag of eleven marbles, where three are green, four are yellow, one is orange, one is pink and two are blue, you'll pull out a green one. but it's not quite that easy this time...

a good friend of mine and I both became single at the about the same time. we thought it was rather amusing that she dated a string of guys whose names began with "B" while I happened to meet a bunch of guys whose names began with "K." Odd, to be sure. And quite the joke amongst my close friends, lemme tell you.

and then she went to the rhyming names. brian, ryan, ian (pronounced eye-an, not ee-an).

so what do you think the odds are that one of us has been asked on a date by two guys with the same name, huh?

pretty weird, methinks. either that or we're losing our marbles... ;)


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Brainy said...

Once, three.. yes three.. including myself of my GOOD friends all had boyfriends named "Adam." This lasted over a year.. it was mind numbing. Odds of that happening? Yeah.. lol!!