Monday, March 19, 2007

Here's your sign...

Yeah.. okay.. so I have a theory.. Ready.. I feel that people should have to wear t shirts to bars.. t shirts or stickers or hats or something.. that say exactly what place they're in.. or what issues they have. Their ex's get to make the shirt for them.. well.. this could be problematic for the less than mature people..but bear with me on the concept...

But, hey.. picture it.. I'm at a bar.. I spot a hottie.. I see that his shirt says "Mama's boy and commitment phobe"

I stop. I ponder. Nah, I dont need a mama's boy or a commitment phobe. Moving on.

I see someone that says "not looking for something serious"

I stop. I ponder. I think.. yeah... could be good for conversation. I approach. However, I dont get too close and bail after a few laughs and a cocktail... b/c really.. who wants to fall for someone not looking for something serious...

Better yet.. what about "I've cheated on my past 5 girlfriends" Yeah.. I'd stay away.. but who wouldn't right? Well.. I know some who wouldnt but thats for another blog.

Or.. "I'm not over my ex girlfriend" This could be hum dinger.. I mean.. a challenge for some.. a barrier to many.. Hmmm.. I think I'd approach this one.. but just to see what I was up against ;)

Wonder what my shirt would say.. I think I just want it to say "brainy blonde...bores easily" haha! Teasing... ;)


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foxysavant said...

you're so funny!

this made me think--have you ever talked to a guy who COMPLETELY wears his past on his sleeve?

once, within three messages from a guy I'd learned that he was getting divorced, he had a young son and his wife left him for cheating on her with the son's mother (his first ex wife). yeah. thankgoodness this was all over myspace, but seriously? icks. wish he'd been wearing a warning sign!

i think you'd have to use some fine print on my shirt! gosh I'm not even sure what it would say!