Monday, March 19, 2007

3rd times the charm...

I don’t often post, because really I don’t often have anything to post about. Oh, today I ordered a 10ft map of Duluth. Yesterday I did a Kathy Smith body sculpting video. Friday I – oh wait, Friday I went over to Mr. Date’s apartment and finished watching a movie we had started.


3rd date. Even I am amazed.

But now comes the awkward part in any just off the ground, fledging, not even a relationship, courtship relationship of sorts. The first date was planned. The 2nd date was planned. The 3rd a bit more spontaneous. Now it is as if I’m waiting to see I will get a 4th date.

Not that I doubt my amazingness (I’m pretty amazing) or in any way feel insecure (okay, maybe a teeny bit) it’s just an unstable bridge I am stepping on, and the uncertainly that lies ahead.

Its exciting and nerve wrecking and makes me feel nauseous. This build up is the fun part.

No idea where this post is going. More just a place for me to be girly and excited. Thank you for the indulgence.

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