Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spooning leads to forking.. and other bedtime bus-nass...

So. You're "there." You're past the initial first awkwardness and shiznit. He's staying at your place. You're staying at his. You're not in a routine per se.. but really just enjoying the moments.. of which there are MANY. :) While a guy's not down and out if he doesn't do the following, I can't help but swoon when....

1. He makes your bed. You come out of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand or whatever else.. and there he is.. standing in your room, bed fully made. No one said it had to be made WELL, but just the effort makes me want to jump right back in bed with him again. *happy sigh*

2. He gets YOU a toothbrush...without you asking. Foxy posted about the 2nd toothbrush, but man oh man does this make me smile. I love the whole casual getting ready for bed thing.. and he chimes in and says "Oh, hey.. I had an extra toothbrush if you want to use it." This could be because I have really bad morning breath (yeah, likely) but it's also a really cute way of him making my night. :)

3. He lets YOU change the channel.. or actually flips off the sports just b/c he knows it's not exactly riveting entertainment for you. This does NOT give you free reign to channel surf directly to Sex and the City.. but maybe a good Seinfeld or even Friends. Yeah. Cute.

4. He knows you get cold. We're girls. We get cold when we sleep sometimes. Personally, my shoulders just about freeze off my body. I LOVE it when a guy KNOWS that.. and ever so sweetly covers up my shoulder in the midst of switching sleep positions. *even happier sigh*

5. He gets you a glass of water. This can occur after fooling around, first thing in the morning, whatever the situation.. He asks you if you want some water.. to which you say yes.. and (likely clad in boxers), he heads off to the kitchen/bathroom returning with a glass of H2O.. This doesnt make me smile b/c I like people to cater to me...but rather.. just b/c it's sweet.. and thoughtful...and usually makes the morning last a bit longer. ;)

6. He turns off the alarm. I don't know if anyone can relate, but I hit snooze about a zillion times. If he stays with me on a day when I have to get up for work, I typically end up running happily late when, before I know whats going on, he's out of bed hitting snooze... I always take the next snooze (cause like I said.. I hit it a zillion times), but just that he got I didnt have to is adorable. (He's likely just wanting the alarm to shut off and wondering what's wrong with me that I hit snooze so much, but let me have my moment)

Just felt like sayin.. that's all... Kudos to the nice guys... :)


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foxysavant said...

look at you, brainy, ending on an even number. ha!

so true, so true.