Wednesday, March 21, 2007

it's not just a bad hair day.

so, if I'd been writing this blog about, oh, six months or a year ago, I totally would have told you about Mr. TDaH (tall dark and handsome, don't you know), one of the good-looking Michigan guys I know. We work together. And before I even knew his name my soon-to-be-engaged friend and I would refer to him as “man candy.” Since then we’ve spoken quite a few times, and last time I checked he had a girlfriend who lives in Virginia, and perhaps he still does.

but that is not the concern at hand.

recently, I've been trying this new thing. it's called not-washing-my-hair-everyday. before you are icked out and back away slowly, realize I usually do this on days where all I'm doing is going to work (okay and choir) and I don't have to look extra cute for anything. it allows me to sleep later and really, it's not horrid. it's just not nearly as cute.

today, however, is an exception.

my hair and me? we got in an arguement, y'see. and it won. but I told it! I put it in a ponytail and pinned my bangs back. ha! it looks like crap, but it's work-able (good pun, foxy!). such is life, right?

okay so anyway. Back to Mr. TDaH? The man candy. He's not too buff or too tall or too pretty. And he's definitely funny and interesting and I like talking to him. It sounds like I want to date him, but I really don't (dating people from work is awk-ward!). I just don't want to look like hell when he's around. I'm sure you have someone like that, right?

and of course...he's been away for four months doing contract work through our company. he sent me an email yesterday about playing on a softball team. But that didn’t mean anything—he’s emailed me from the places he travels…and we haven't talked in person since, oh, october? we don't even work in the same building anymore! and today, the second time in probably my entire life that I've gone to work without washing my hair is the day that TDaH stops by to chit chat.

word on the street is that girls are prettiest when they're not all "done up"--like when they've still got bedhead and they don't have any makeup on. and I could see that--but such is not the case for foxy's look today.

so, um, if you wanna take me out on a date, I really might be busy. y'know, washing my hair...



the sexy one said...

i only heard "wash that man right outta my hair" the whole time i read that.

Brainyblonde said...

I am betting you didnt look like a grease bucket, chica.. Seriously.. I always FEEL grosser than I likely look when I dont wash the hair. Plus, we all know guys like the "JBF" hair anyway.. (just been f...) haha!