Monday, March 26, 2007

"I'm just some swooning little school girl, right?"

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer said that. And while she said it in sarcasm and jest, it's actually kinda exactly what we she (and most ladies) want to be. A swooning little school girl. It's a tricky business though. You've gotta do just enough to make her knees weak and her heart beat a little faster...

swoon: to be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy. it's amazing, really. marvelous. and wow.

really? it's not that complicated. and just thinking about them makes me flutter a little.

in my order of preference, saving the best for last, the top ones are:

touching the small of our back.
some girls don't like this, but I just can't understand. (I guess maybe they're the type who likes it when a guy leads them around by the neck, right? god I can't stand that) but there's something so delicate and wonderful about gently directing us with a light touch on the small of our back. or standing next to us and putting your arm there. it's almost respectful or something. mmmmm.

looking at us when you think we can't see you.
it is always nice to be checked out. always. it is especially nice when we realize you're checking us out, and you think we don't know. it likely makes us blush. i'm not talking about staring at boobs here, but maybe you see us reading, or typing or driving or even sleeping (but you've gotta be in an actual relationship for this one), and you can't help but admire. we like this. a lot.

linking our arm in yours.
there is something about this little manuever that is a whole lot better than holding hands, particularly if you're walking. it means you keep pace, and no one is in the lead. and it shows us you want us right by your side without our having to be one of those awkward couples with our hands in each other's back pockets. it's more formal, too. and that's probably part of what makes it so nice, that even though we're both in regular old clothes, you're treating me like I'm all fancy. this always makes me smile.

the forehead kiss.
this is far more important than you probably realize. it says a WHOLE lot so use it sparingly. if done correctly, it produces the divine combination of feeling liked and loved and important and beautiful and safe. and it makes us smile. all that with just a peck! (if done incorrectly, it makes you feel like you're twelve or immature, so watch out!) but a good forehead kiss? sometimes worlds apart from a good REAL kiss. if you've ever had a good forehead kiss you know exactly what I'm talking about, and guys, if you've ever given one, I know you could tell. think about how awesome you men feel when a kiss on the cheek is just perfect. now multiply it by ten. :)

you do these things? you better mean business. they might not make the girl fall for you, but they'll definitely do a little feet-sweeping, methinks. but only if you do 'em right. that's the catch. wrong? she'll wig out, it's how we females tend to roll.

it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just to *think* about how great these things are.



brandy said...

I actually sighed out loud when I read 'forehead kiss'. It can be so perfect.

tso said...

my day is better b/c of this list. thank you.

Carrie M said...

very, very nice list. I totally agree with every one. *sigh*

BrainyBlonde said...

YAY! That's all I have to say! YAY!!