Wednesday, March 14, 2007

little miss.

so, I'm really surprised I never caught this before--but remember Mr. Men and Little Miss? Yeah. So think about that whole Mr. vs. Mrs. / Ms. / Miss debate? bad news bears, indeed.

but despite the sexist nature of the use of the word "Men" and "Little", they're still cute. so moving on...

when I was little I really liked Little Miss Chatterbox, Sunshine, Bossy and Brainy. Now I'm more of a Giggles, Fickle, Stubborn, Late, Scatterbrain, Splendid, Brilliant and Lucky. Well, with the old parts too. But really, they've not got a Little Miss that's me. Because really, I think I'm

Little Miss Cautious

She'd have on very cute glasses and a bit of a smirk, but be putting her hand to her mouth in thought. She's considering. She's thinking. She's weighing her options. And she always carries a coat, an umbrella, kleenex and mints, just incase. Like Little Miss Brainy, but with glasses. And pigtails. 'cause I hear those are sexy-cute.
I'm a careful gal. I'm chary and reluctant and I do what's prudent--and do so gingerly. I think before I act and I have a bazillion poorly defined rules for myself. They're there due to necessity, and some kind of only-understood-by-foxy rules apply to everything in my life, not just romance. But sometimes I wish I could break out of this box. Y'see, in a lot of accounts, I break the rules, or at least bend/stretch them--I can justify letting myself do whatever I want when it comes to my art, my friends, my social activities, my intellectual pursuits. But if, say, I wanna be a patent lawyer or go get my PhD in engineering or become and astronaut or a marine biologist, that makes sense. And having friends? Completely necessary. And expressing my creativity? Damn skippy!

But romance? Yeah, it's not required. It's not completely necessary. It not a "have to." And sometimes it's not even a want. Who wants to get involved in matters of the heart when all the other times have hurt so much? It's not that I'm jaded, it's not that I don't enjoy kisses and that I don't someday want a family and a husband and all that. (though, it should be noted, I'm having a hell of a lot of fun being a smart and single gal. it. is. a. blast. sometimes messy, sometimes complicated, but overall? f-u-n.) But it's that I don't have to. I get to opt. So I'm cautious. It's like how Brainy freaks out? I go slow. Like a snail slow. Because it's good.

Sometimes though? I don't wanna be Little Miss Cautious. I wanna be Little Miss Fun. See, isn't she cute?

except, y'know, with glasses. 'cause I look cute in my glasses. :)

Or better still, little Miss Exuberant. Little Miss Free-Spirit. or Little Miss Fabulous.

how does one become both? Can I "turn off my brain" and still be cautious? Weigh my options without getting carried away? Or get carried away but only justenough? It is freakishly weird to be like this, or is this completely normal? Foxy, she overanalyzes. And speaks in pseudo-third-person. ;)

bleh. sometimes I think it would be easier if I were a guy. 'course, there are many other complications that go with that--but I'm just sayin'....


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BrainyBlonde said...

I love it! haha! I was totally thinking of a way the other day to describe the "not needing" a relationship complicated....Good job, Foxy!!