Tuesday, July 10, 2007

meeting the parents

tomorrow I meet the parents. like the parents of my boyfriend of three weeks and two days. or, well, three months, three weeks and two days, depending on whether or not you want to split hairs.

and then on sunday? I meet the entire rest of his family.

people keep asking me if I'm nervous. the answer is yes and no.

I'm not nervous because...
~he's the one who would be the strong-handshake spanish-inquisition guy, and I'm with him.
~i'm an engineer and so are all of his siblings and his dad, so i've got an in.
~i'm funny and nice and polite and it's not like i'm not *good enough* for him, y'know?

but I'm a little nervous too.
mostly about, well...what to wear.

I'm already certain I'm wearing a skirt to dinner tomorrow night. It's the thing to do. Even if we eat at Mickey D's.

and I know what things to bring when I fly to Philly for the family vacay.

but still? nervous about the clothes.

i am SUCH a girl.

also, opinion needed.
so, you know how you're supposed to bring gifts to the hostess when you stay at someone's house? well, I'm bringing them wine and beer from my home state (his mom drinks wine, his dad drinks beer.) that and a pet tornado, just for giggles.

thing is, I don't want to bring 'em on the plane if I can avoid it. think I could just give it to 'em at dinner tomorrow?

wish me luck at dinner. hopefully my hair lady is right--I'm like a strawberry daiquiri and people should just drink me up. we'll see...