Tuesday, March 20, 2007

foxtrot uniform november

please excuse me while I am momentarily full of myself, but I've gotta tell someone, and if you keep reading, you're it.

consider yourself warned....

sometimes being talked about behind your back is miserable. it hurts and is upsetting. but sometimes, finding out about it is a really good part of your day. it's really quite f-u-n. especially when you were the talk of the night after leaving the party...and the party was full of a bunch of frat hunks most of whom you probably wouldn't want to date but might want to just look at and drool over... :D

I think we need to add another thing to brainy's list. it is totally okay to REALLY like the attention. I know I do.


1 comment:

Brainyblonde!! said...

YES!!!! I love it!!! I hope you're STILL floating today! Compliments.. when they're not meaning to even be heard.. are the bestest!!