Friday, March 23, 2007

Ready for it to hit the fan?

Bitchy chicks. We all know em.. Hell, we all can be em..

In reference to my last post about the x-friend inviting and flying Make Out Mistress here for the formal next weekend....

Just went to facebook. Saw my x friend's status was "ready for it to hit the fan" posted the SAME. DAY. the chick booked her ticket (as reflected by a comment on her page)


Where I was nervous before, I am pumped now. People that underestimate me as a smart, single, successful, sassy.. okay.. done with the s words.. but seriously.. when people underestimate me, it really kinda fuels me. I should leave well enough alone.. but...I almost get a kick out of it. I think it's b/c I'm charming (or so I've been told) , classy, and prefer to keep things behind closed doors. In that, sometimes people dont think I can "bring it" so to speak. Where I used to HATE that, I've matured, grown.. and now absolutely LOVE it...b/c I LURVE being underestimated....makes people not see what's coming...very sneak attack if you will...LOL!! I choose my battles carefully... no worries...;)

Anyway, I won't cause drama.. as said before, I'm classy. I don't do in-your-face-confrontation over something stupid like this. However, as all of you-as classy girls on this blog- will understand, we don't have to air our dirty laundry just to wash it so to speak. This isn't about Mr. Ex. This isn't about the Make Out Mistress. This is about having a damn good time not being underestimated.

*Sneering confidently*


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tso said...

i too suffer from the underestimation plague, but if you work it just right you can "bring it" throwing your opponent off gaurd but still maintaining to the rest of the world that there is no way you could have been that bitchy when the now fallen bitchtress runs for comfort. You win, she loses. Enjoy a cocktail.