Thursday, March 29, 2007

what is it about the schoolgirl, anyway?

you can swoon like one...
be giddy like one...
or even dress like one.

that last option might end up making you do the other two, if you play your cards right.

but me? I'm option #2 thanks. I've been option #1 and I certainly know how to do #3...but, yeah. Let's go with 2.

Also? not telling ya why. Wouldn't be the first time I'd been accused of being a tease.

anyhow, back to option #3. The costume. Some of it, I get. Girls dress up as sexy things, wearing, for instance, nurse outfits or rocking the Catholic school girl look, only to have guys do their darnedest to remove said costume in the most mutually beneficial way possible. And preferably some part of it is removed with their teeth. This part is fun. I get it.

but what I don't understand is the completely age inappropriate looks. like pigtails. I happen to like wearing my hair in pigtails, but I don't do so to be sexy. Or the girls I saw at halloween wearing completely sketch/slutty Rainbow Brite outfits. Or the ones who dress like naughty nursery rhyme characters. And yes, I realize there are two different types of these costumes--ones appropriate for the bedroom and ones appropriate for public. But sometimes, like on halloween, that line gets a leeeetle bit fuzzy...just a little.

me? I'd prefer to wear something lacy-n-racy over a slutty costume any day o' the week. including halloween. I do like to walk that fine line between damn sexy and damn skanky, but I want to be well on the sexy side, thanks.

anyway. just thinking about all the different ways of being a schoolgirl. I'll go back to thinking about option #2, but you're more than welcome to think about option #3, if you prefer. ;)


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tso said...

i attened girl's catholic school for many years and thus have the uniform in my closet as the go-to costume when needed. this year, to mix it up a bit, when i went as a catholic school girl, i went as a REAL catholic school girl. hair in a pony tail, little makeup, puffy tired eyes and even threw in a stack of books and college apps. pulled this off so well that people thought i really was a highschool catholic school girl. "Oh what school do you go to?"