Sunday, January 14, 2007

the three little words that single girls need to say.

so, I'm currently in the process of becoming un-single, one could say. I've started dating a guy, and I'm doing so regularly, and I'm kinda starting to like him a lot. As a new singleton I'm a liiiittttlllleee bit hesitant to having "terms" or "definitions" or "limitations." It's a thing, and I'm perfectly happy with my psychoses, thankyouverymuch. but anyway...

this guy and I were, oddly enough, talking about hitting on people or being hit on. and how sometimes guys just want to yell at a girl, "whothef*ckdoyouthinkyouare? youthinkyou'resomuchf*ckingbetterthanme? really? growthef*ckup!!!" because, well, sometime girls are reallllly huge jerks when they turn guys down. And, you know, it happens?

big forehead (aka baldy) hits on you.
or the guy says a phrase like, "you've been running through my head all day..."
or, my personal favorite, "I don't have a job." ha!

also, tangent: guys should buy girls drinks. period. if you like her enough to expect her to smile at your jokes, or if you just think she's sexy as hell, buy the lady a drink.

...back on track...

so, anyway, single girls need to say something.

and it's not "I love jerks." (or penises, or you.)
or "Let's have sex." (though some guys might dig that)
or "Marry me, please!"

no, no.
It's "I'm not interested." If you're feeling really generous, add a "thanks, but" and then say it. but really? sometimes single girls (including this one) just need to grow a pair and say no. and be nice and direct.

because otherwise you end up on dates with nutcases. and though that's fun to blog about, it ain't fun in real life.


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