Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things that make you go hmm....

So..Mr. Wont take a Hint is still at it. I am rather sad I gave him my number in a lapse of judgment in the first place. I think I was just in a bad place with Mr. Ex...before he was Mr. Ex...and I liked the attention.. I dunno. I'd also had a LOT of wine. I never intended for him to USE the number. Sheez. Well. Whatever. I actually had a decent talk with the guy that night.. and it wasn't just the alcohol. He truly is smart, witty, cute, seemed polite...and.. not from the area (aka a good prospect for a first date after Mr. Ex.. since he's anonymous to my friends). It's not that he's annoying.. I think there's just a part of me that's not quite ready to date yet. It goes back to my cynical post of not really caring about what he may or may not have to say, interests are, etc. I'd rather watch the Real World. Maybe I'll just be a cat lady? Idea. I find it quite annoying that he IS ready to date...or so it seems..(he has also taken up yoga which I find a bit weird and gay for him..but whatever) I'm too much of a cynical bitch to force a date on anyone right now. Laugh, but I'm serious. LOL! :) Plus, I truly don't wanna be with anyone right now. I like just hanging with the girlfriends.

This brings me to something that pissed me off. A guy at work.. a slightly older married guy at work... was talking to me about Mr. Ex and he asked what I was looking for in someone long term (he was thinking of fixing me up and I was making sure that didnt happen. I dont WANT to be fiexed up. I LIKE being single right now. *sigh*). I listed a few things and said that I feel, as I get older, breakups are harder b/c you really ARE dating people which are closer to "the right one." I mean.. you've had enough time to figure out the OBVIOUS wrong ones, so the ones who get through the weed out process and you date for an extended period..are often closer to a Mr. Right, right? Yeah, well.. I think so. Anywhoo, he had the nerve to tell me "Sometimes people have to re-evaluate what they want b/c it may not be out there. Compromise isn't so bad." Um.. okay.. There are SO many things wrong with that, if you ask me! SO many things! First, if I wanted to settle, I would have by now. Second, I feel badly for his wife if that's his mentality. Third, I would rather be single and even slightly lonely at times, but happy...than with someone not right and miserable. What is WRONG with people? Sheez. COUPLING is NOT as big of a deal as we tend to make it out to be. I think it's also an American thing... but that's a tangent for a different day. :) So.. there you have it...I might go out with some weirdos, strangos, etc for fun (insert mischievous giggle) but "compromise" like THAT long term is not even something that crosses my mind. Hmph! People!

From my apartment, I can hear drunk people after bars close (I live close to bars so people park their cars close) Anyway.. I heard some couple yelling the other night and a smile crossed my lips.. I thought "wow.. I am so done with that." Dont get me wrong..we didn't fight all the time.. and TMI but.. drunk sex=awesome. Drunk fights=HORRIBLE. *blissful sigh* I love...LOVE..LOOOOOVE..not compromising.

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