Friday, January 12, 2007

"Are you feeling better?"

Yeah, so.. here's the deal. The FIRST night you go out after a failed relationship should be....well.. awkward, but fun.. at least awkward until the alcohol hits.. Sooooo.. I was safe. I was going somewhere FAR from the typical scene (aka no chance of running into Mr. Ex)...until after dinner when we all went to a local (and popular) bar. *sigh* "I'mbrave.I'mbrave.I'mconfident.F-him." So, I show up at nameless popular bar and apparently half the city decided it to be a good idea to also go to nameless bar.. including the guy I blew off (repeatedly) saying "I've been sick and really busy " when I really should have said "I am overly cynical and dont feel like entertaining you by laughing at your stupid jokes over some awkward dinner but thanks for asking me out" Yeah, so when he finds me and says "are you feeling better?" I say "Um. yeah.. I was better. {silence}" About the time this guy (who is rather cute, mind you) is trying to chat me up and I am saying nothing but instead looking for an escape, ALL Mr. Ex's friends show up-like all of them. Keep in mind these are my friends, they all come over to say hi and ask about Mr. Ex. AWESOME. Mr Wont-take-a-hint just stands there...all in denial. I mean.. seriously.. a girl says she's sick and avoids you til you see her..wait..rephrase..CORNER a bar. TAKE. A. HINT. Better yet, go take a long walk on a short pier, buddy..

*sigh* So...feeding the awkwardness, I keep peering over Mr. Wont Take a Hint's shoulder at the front door to make sure Mr. Ex doesn't come in b/c I just wasn't in the mood. Well, instead of Mr. Ex, I see ANOTHER guy that I had kinda flirted with a LONG time ago (before said failed relationship). Please note I also kinda blew him off by being sick, allergies, working a lot, or whatever else it could have been that I said. Yeah, so lots of awkward exchanges going around. I'm not rude..seriously.. but.. I think a damn guy should take a friggin hint. I'm looking over his shoulder, Mr Ex's friends are talking about Mr. Ex to me, I am not engaging in conversation. SERIOUSLY. There's no leading on. There's no giving hope. It's simple. BUZZ OFF. Here is where some annoyance comes in. Why is it that, as single girls, we get the rep of being a bitch if we straight up say "No, I'm not interested. Please go away-NOW." (note I have said I wasnt interested to Mr. Wont Take a Hint and it hasnt worked.. so the 'please go away' must be added) *sigh*So, I turn and being talking to girlfriends of mine ignoring Mr. Wont Take a Hint. What does he do.. STANDS. THERE. ALONE. waiting on me to turn back around. By this point, I was seriously pissy and grabbed my girlfriend to go dance.. without saying bye. I was fairly confident that I am now "the bitch" or whatever else. I truly dont care. I have no tolerance for people that are socially inept.... Yeah.. guess what.. I got a text that said "great to see you tonight. hope to see you again" from Mr. WONT TAKE A GD HINT!

I went home. Frustrated, sleepy, and not the slightest bit drunk. How. annoying.

BrainyBlonde (BB) :)

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