Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear YOU

A letter b/c I feel like it.. in lieu of actually contacting YOU


I think it's quite sad that you still do things in hopes of "getting" to me. Please note I understand that I am beginning to understand your self worth seems to be measured in seeing whether you effect me by still hurting my feelings. All I have to say, is GO. RIGHT. AHEAD. Your actions do not, have not, and WILL not merit my contacting you to give you the satisfaction of letting you know I'm bothered..even for a nanosecond. Even better, you don't seem to realize that with every asshole move, I actually am LESS bothered b/c it's beginning to just be expected. You see, YOU, the saddness I once expressed was something that crept out during the process which I realized you truly weren't the person I thought you were. Frankly, it's almost pathetic to think that the only way you even know how to communicate with me is to attempt to hurt my feelings. I think it's a complete outward demonstration of your poor relationship with integrity.

That is all. For now. :) Will someone else friggin blog?!! Maybe I just have a lot to say lately.. LOL!!!
~ BrainyBlonde

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