Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The breakup disease...

So.. everyone will be glad when I go out on dates, huh...b/c breakup blogs are only funny for so long. (Please note I realize this). So.. what is UP with just b/c you and someone aren't together anymore, running into people makes you feel like you have the damn plague?! I mean.. I saw some people at lunch today that are mutual friends of myself and Mr. Ex, but aren't close enough to either of us to have heard about the breakup anywhere but the grapevine. I see them.. They see me.. They were nice and all, but immediately, I saw her eyes meet his in a knowing glance and the two exhanged hushed words as I approached to say hi.. all bubbly acting like I had no idea what they were talking about. *sigh* I have WEEKS more of the breakup disease b/c I run in to people everywhere. How. annoying. Could be worse, though.. he could have REALLY given me a disease... (yeah, I laughed at that.. it's okay for you to)


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