Tuesday, January 9, 2007

so, what's the point?

ya might have happened upon this blog--'cause somebody told ya, or 'cause you hit "next blog" or 'cause ya googled it.

and ya might be thinking, "who are these girls, all writing about their stories or whatever? why would they do that?"

well firstly, 'cause they're funny.
and secondly, 'cause we can.
and thirdly, 'cause we think that maybe, just maybe, people might realize how insane dating is.

I mean, when else do you get in the car with an (potentially) almost complete stranger?

Is there another time that you worry quite so much about what you say to someone?

And when else can you be judged merely on the way you walk/talk/say hello/smile/eat?

I'm sure there's another time, but those kind of things pay you in the long-run. They're called jobs. And dating, it's kind of a job too. And based on our experiences, some guys think they've bypassed that whole interview process. I guess that's to be seen.

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