Sunday, January 14, 2007

The definition of a friend...

I particularly liked this one from google. (which if you didnt know, you can type the phrase -define: friend - on google and it will come up with LOADS of definitions for whatever word you want)

Friend= Friendship is a type of interpersonal relationship that is found among humans and among animals with rich intelligence, such as the higher mammals and some birds. Individuals in a friendship relationship will seek out each other's company and exhibit mutually helping behavior.

Friendship is found among people with "rich intelligence." HA! Well, lemme tell you about one person who does NOT fit that category. It MIGHT be the girl who...recently gaining information of my new singledom...invited Mr. Ex over to her place. Why, you might ask? Yeah, well.. it's b/c she had a friend in town who was likely bored, lonely, whatever. What better companion than a guy new to the single scene! Awesome! Yeah, what a good friend she is. You know what MIGHT have made it better, if she had then posted pictures of the drunken party between the small group of them that ensued. Yeah. That might have made it better. Or! OR! Finding out about the locking lips of Mr. Ex with single-girl visiting. Yeah, that might have rocked.

I am independent. I am single. BUT, for the love of GOD, Mr. Ex, get out of my face! GET OUT OF MY FACE! I am of the opinion that many people unfortunately settle for someone that isn't right just b/c the single scene can get so trying.. or maybe b/c they're scared. I don't really know. I broke up with Mr. Ex b/c I am not someone who settles for anything really. I am not someone who will be pushed and pushed into some demure little wilting flower. This is not to say the breakup was one-sided. I just was the only one with enough balls to end it. However, if I didn't care or say I was affected by things like the actions I described above by my "friend," I would have never really cared about him to begin with. Such is the line single girls walk. I mean.. to never care.. is to just be some femi-nazi who isn't really single, smart and powerful anyway in my opinion. I mean.. while Garth Brooks isnt some profound theorist or anything, I really DO follow the whole "Life isn't tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire." I am a single girl who is afraid- but isn't scared enough to NOT be- "in the fire" and... getting burned happens sometimes. I am not going to settle and that requires getting burned sometimes. Am I searching for "the one?" Nah. Not really. I'm not on some endless quest to be someone's Mrs. However, I do fall for people and I DO hope I am not endlessly dating forever and ever. I'm not some emotionless black hole for crying out loud! LOL! :)

So, here is this newly single girl.. writing a blog.. down but not out. Just annoyed at how very much the one person I dont want to have anything to do with keeps forcing himself into my line of vision. As many other singletons out there know, it gets annoying to be the "one that got away" for Mr. Ex....until you realize that he wasnt your "one that got away." In that realization, there are many dates and many funny dating stories likely to come. Until then, this is one smart-and-single girl who knows what it's like to understand what's not "enough" for her to stay...but also knows that doesn't mean it's not rough to leave. While my friend list may be getting shorter in quantity (thanks to that girl and also Mr. Ex), I am really enjoying it's getting richer in quality..

- BrainyBlonde

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what a bitch. ~smartypants