Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The bigger, the better?

Cliche? Maybe.. but here's a topic for all the single girl readers. I expect comments, people.. anonymous ones, but comments damnit. Okay, so here's the age old, over-glam-i-fied question, does. size. matter.? Yeah, this blog is about to cross the line. Deal with it.

So, I get annoyed at the whole "size matters" argument b/c it just makes people (guys) think that the bigger the better...which is NOT true. (also not true is lasting longer is better but I'll save that for another post) I mean.. seriously.. I've dated Mr. Big (fun sex and the city reference) and frankly, it wasn't a great time. It was actually quite UNenjoyable.. especially since we had a long distance relationship and therefore had to wait weeks sometimes in between doin the deed. No regular "deed" + Mr. Big= me cringing. Plus, guys think just b/c it's large and in charge, they MUST be good in bed. Also not true.

However, what do you do if you are REALLY like someone who isn't quite as endowed? All funny aside.. think about it.. The possibility of your entire life with Mr. NOT as big. I mean.. I'm a girl who has been lucky enough to have boyfriends that fit somewhere in between (no pun intended)...not Mr. Big, but not Mr. I-didnt-feel-that either. I like that the best... as you will likely agree. (For some reason I feel the need to defend myself here and say I really haven't gotten around that much...and actually have a quite small magic number for most people my age). But, seriously, ladies, you wine, dine, laugh, start to really LIKE this guy over several dates.. and then there it is.. or there it "isnt" I guess. WHAT do you DO? I mean.. by the time I go there, I have typically started to really like a guy, so just dropping him would be HARD (so many unintentional puns). I mean... it SHOULDNT matter.. but... buuuuuuut.. the fact is.. sex DOES matter and although it seems shallow, is it so wrong to be freaked about something smaller in stature for. ever.? I am not saying to dump someone b/c of it.. NO WAY.. but thinking about the issue.. Yeah, totally. Go ahead.. even if you shunned me for thinking it, you kinda agree a little... :)



Anonymous said...

I agree that bigger isn't necessarily better, but I kind of like letting guys think that we (girls) feel that way so they can feel what it's like to be insecure about their body. I'm self conscious about several areas of my body, they can be about ONE.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read my last comment and am feeling guilty/evil. All that I meant was that women are filled with insecurities about their bodies and I think it's nice to think that a guy can at least share a little bit of that mentality. Is that so wrong?

smartypants said...

1. I'm surprised you didn't bring up (hey, I can make puns too!) the girth v. length issue. 'cause one is soooo much more important than the other.
2. I think you hit (man, alive--the puns!) on this in your other post, but there's a loooot more than just penetration to be considered.
3. you are sooooo right about the too big. I've heard funny stories about this kind of thing from other girls--soooooo funny. yikes. I love it that girls could almost never have boobs that are so big that they would make a guy cringe at the sight of them, but guys can have that problem... :)

Anonymous said...

ive learned its the skinny guys you look out for in size. or maybe they just look bigger cause theyre skinny. lol. who knows

BustyBrunette :)~ said...

ok. i know im a little late commenting on this one but i just couldn't resist.
size totally freaking matters. i mean hell...that's why we get choices in restaraunts, why? small, medium, large.
sometimes we want a small one, sometimes a medium, and sometimes, we just KNOW that we are so insatiable that we even go a step further and get a route 44!
i guess it's just our mood that comes into play because i'll be the first to admit that average sized men are more fun to be with than small or large men. there's more you can do, and you don't have to concentrate so freaking hard (haha)on DOING the act. but of course, there are those times when you just KNOW...you're gonna need something longer, fatter, and harder than a man could ever have.

that's why i have toys. hahaha