Wednesday, January 24, 2007

stop me if you've heard this one before...

girl goes out to a bar. bartender is Cute--with a capital C. He is flirty, he is fun. He buys one of the beers for the birthday guys. You are pleased. When your group moves to a table he expresses disappointment that you won't be up at the bar anymore and offers to transfer your drinks to your table. His eyes are blue and his beard is sexy (think McSteamy) and when you close your tab you write your number on your receipt, even though he didn't ask for it.

or, at least I did, coz that's how I roll.

so, then. you're sitting with your friends, and some friends of birthday boy's girlfriend roll up. one is friendly and from kentucky, but he talks with an accent that could best be described as, "maybe australian?" the other is very tall and pretty cute in a rugged/pretty boy kind of way. later in the evening, while talking to that girlfriend, you're asked to come sit by the tall one. he is funny. he is flirty. he seems pretty cute. he keeps telling you how nice you are, and how you smile all the time--he seems to be just AMAZED by this. he's from new york, y'see, and people just aren't as nice or as smiley. And of course this all just makes me smile more.

and then it happens.

you're talking.
you're laughing.
the group is cutting up.
he finishes his beer.
he looks at you, and you see it in your peripheral vision.
you listen to your friend finishing his funny story.
you laugh some more.
you notice that tall guy has picked up your 3/4 full beer.
you observe that he pours half of your beer into his glass.
you exchange annoyed/bothered looks with the girl across the way.
you continue to politely listen and try to muster laughs when appropriate.
he sees your look of amazement and pats your shoulder reassuringly, almost "hushing" you, as one would a small child.
you try to remain your composure, as it is only a beer, and this is a birthday party, and it is impolite and impractical to make a scene at either.
you quickly finish the rest of your beer so the tall jackass won't do it for you.

and then, what did I go do? of course I went to the cute bartender. who, unfortch, has a girlfriend (I asked), but actually made me feel better, as I left the conversation NOT feeling rejected. Which is good. He almost, almost seemed disappointed that he had one. :)

cute bartender (McDrinkey?) offered to get my half of a beer back, but I declined. I then collected my belongings, told the birthday boys goodnight and then told tall jackass. "You have a lot of nerve. And just so you know, I've had a lot of guys buy me drinks, but I've never had someone take one from me. Real Classy, guy. Classy."

and then I left. but not before I said goodbye to Cute bartender, Chad, who told me to come back anytime, he was always there on Tuesdays, and who gave me a hug before I left.

does this happen in real life? I mean, it did to me, but what?!? yikes.

oh, and I think smartypants doesn't fit me anymore. (it was either this or foxysavant)
~enchantingegghead. :)

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