Thursday, January 11, 2007

Divison of "relationship" property...

So, I am a recent singleton in terms of coming out of a relationship (not a marriage). Anyhoo, I had lunch today at a local restaurant which offers a card for repeat purchases that, after enough points, will reward you with a free meal or something. Okay, so Mr. Ex and I shared this card. I have it, though. It is registered in his name. So, now, do I keep the card.. which ultimately makes me bitter and reminds me of him? Give it to him thereby letting him have the points on the card? Throw the card away and waste the points? *sigh* I am thinking too much about this, but.. must add here.. what is a newly found single girl to do with the "relationship property" you acquired together? I mean.. I've never actually gone and gotten a dog with a guy then broken up (sorry if you have) so my focus is all nonliving objects (with the exception of a plant). Sheez. I'm not bitter. I'm only slightly nostalgic still about it all, but damnit if the mutual property isn't royally

It's almost as bad as the "exchanging of stuff" after a breakup. I mean.. really.. there is NO winning with that. You dont get upset and you're an insensitive bitch handing him his things. You DO get upset and you're just not over it and should really move on.. Right. WHATEVER. Can't I just have it sent fed-EX (note the pun) and not deal with the in-person shit? Ugh! I mean.. how badly do I REALLY need my stuff? Those earrings weren't really THAT cute, right? But, then if I saw them on some OTHER girl he was with, I might go postal and bobbitize him. Yeah, might.

Point is.. there really is not right or wrong way to exhange stuff, get rid of the mutual property or come to terms with just keeping it. It's just annoying.. and even the most independent of singletons finds it awkward, uncomfortable...and sometimes emotionally taxing. *Hmph*

- BB

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