Monday, January 22, 2007

Didnt your momma teach you manners?


1. If I'm at dinner with my girl friends, an empty chair does not mean I want you to sit down. ASK for crying out loud!
2. If I say I am having "girls night" (even if its a lie.. like it was this weekend), DONT SHOW UP...especially ALONE and linger in the background like some freak. (Read my Mr. Wont Go Away blog.. this is him)
3. If I say I don't want a shot, I DONT. It's not some single girl trickery I am playing. DONT grab my arm, tease me, prod me or pull me toward the bar as if you are doing some really awesome thing by buying me a shot. I understand you just want to get me wasted. Jackass.
4. If YOU get up to get a drink, ask me if I want one. It's manners, idiot.
5. Don't try to "buy" me by getting me, my friends, and whoever else you think I might know in the vicinity a drink. OVER. BOARD.
6. WALK ME TO MY CAR. Are you a f-ing MORON? I think I'm gonna return your calls even if I gave you my number when you stand there and watch me walk toward the parking lot.. the dark. Yeah. I dont think so, idiot.
7. Oh, and don't stare (notice I didnt say 'glance' I said STARE) at my breasts when you think I'm not looking. I AM LOOKING, PERVERT.
8. Don't pretend that you're in the same career as me...then stumble through what you think someone in that career would say. (This includes statements like "yeah, I had to call someone today about lots of papers and files. I do lots of that on the weekends." WHAT?LOL!!!!)

Caviat: For the most part, these guys are harmless and quite entertaining...But seriously, mannnnners and tact! Sheez! :)

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smartypants said...

dude, how can he try SO HARD yet fail so miserably? it just seems like it's NOT POSSIBLE!!!