Wednesday, February 7, 2007

This just in..

Mr. Myspace is coming in town next week to visit his REAL (nonmyspace) friends and family. Um. WHAT DO I DO? I was SO safe...the rebounding from a distance shit was quite funny. Meet for drinks with a group? Totally ignore him? He doesnt have my number or anything, but what's a girl to do with her hot myspace friend who seems normal and is coming in town? A girl doesnt really want anything.. maybe more hickeys. Please know I'm kidding on that one. The turtlenecks are getting old. What if it's like seeing your favorite celebrity on tv and realizing they're a complete moron in real life? I mean.. *sigh* All good myspace flings must come to an end. Healthy? Me? Likely not. ;) I think I prefer the not knowing him. Yeah. Done. -BB


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foxysavant said...

mmm...see. I was going to tell you to meet him out somewhere. Bring two girlfriends with you (so that they have each other to talk to if you dig him) and go flirt it up. The least you'll get is a free drink or two. And if he's lame, you can skeedaddle.

or not. it's your call. I also might not be the best judge right now. ;)