Tuesday, February 20, 2007

don't be a playa, be a playa hater.

maybe the sparks were onto something--'cause for some guys, the only thing they do is "dick around."

I mean, as any girl knows, guys are looking to get laid. It's how they roll, it's what motivates them and it's only kinda their own damn fault.

and it makes sense that some of them are players, and that they get girls who are young/stupid/horny to sleep with them. Most players are good looking and quite cocky, and that, as we've already established, usually serves to make them sexy as hell. For them, girls are usually conquests--I'm going to get that 'cause I can. And really, I don't know that I'd behave differently if I were them, 'cause they the get action and they get away with it. The hot girl swoons for them, goes home with them and they just never call. And a lot of the time it seems that the girl is perfectly okay with that.

the player gets sexual gratification without ties--even we single girls have to admit that a NCMO (non-commital make out) friend isn't without its benefits.

but the thing that doesn't make any sense is when the player goes for the real deal, the genuine article, the catch--the smart and single (and undoubtedly superhot, which is completely a requirement for authorship here, but we felt was inappropriate in the title--I'm kidding, but only sort of). and when he does, and when the girl is interested, the player


because he's too caught up in his own game to see that the babe whose attention he's caught is more than just easy on the eyes--she's easy on the brain, for one, and more importantly, she's easy on the heart.

it almost, almost makes me feel a little sorry for the players. they've happened upon a diamond in the rough, and they're treating her like a grocery-store vending machine plastic ring--you keep it while it's fun and easy, but then you discard it just the same.

so I guess it's not even worth it to be a playa hater anyway, 'cause they're already getting their just desserts. maybe we should just wish bad haircuts on them--that would do them more damage, anyway. ;)


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