Thursday, February 22, 2007

a few of my favorite things.

Yes, that was a Sound of Music reference there, so sue me. But this is not a time to wax profound on the wonders of bright copper kettles (though they are good for tea), snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes (though I do l-o-v-e the snow) or warm woolen mittens (which are good, except I’m a fan of cotton).

We’re gonna talk about my favorite things. MY. In the long-walks-on-the-beach kind of way.

Y’see, for starters, I like guys. Dudes, men, fellows, whatever you want to call them.

And I like flowers. For my birthday or holidays or celebrations or just to brighten my day. And if you think those grocery store daisies are something I’d like, and you pick ‘em up, I’m not gonna scoff just ‘cause of where they’re from—I don’t hate. :)

I also like back rubs, swinging at a park, museums, ice-skating and movies where they serve wine and/or beer. I think it’s fun to play board games, and I like it when you tell me how pretty I am. Especially if you get specific. I like it when you make me smile, and I like it even more when you make me laugh. I want you to kiss my forehead or my cheek or my hand, and put your arm around me when we’re side-by-side. I like it when you pick me up and I like it when you make me weak in the knees.

I like it when you have friends, and when they like me, and when my friends like you. I like sunsets, bloody marys, home-cooked meals and blue bell icecream. I like going on trips and having inside jokes and I like surprises too, despite the fact that I sometimes pretend that I don’t. And I like it when you insist.

Let me assure you, I could go on. I’m versatile like that.

But do you know what I like the very most? What catches (and keeps) my attention? What makes me want to get to know you better, or what makes me like you even more? What I will always remember and what gives you cool points on the foxy-scale?

Ha, like I’m telling you that. Puh-leeze.

teasing, teasing. ;)

More than anything else, if you’re a random guy or a friend or someone I’ve been seeing for a while, I like it when you ask me a direct question.

No, really. I'm completely serious. Maybe you were expecting something more obscure, but that's really it--I totally dig direct questions.

For instance—instead of saying, “You know, you could give me your number, and we could hang out some time,” say, “I’d like to hang out some time, can I have your number?” Or you should say, "Can I take you to dinner sometime?" instead of, "so, maybe we should hang out some time?"

I think your mom taught you better than that, don’t you? You know to ask for someone to pass the salt instead of saying, “boy, I wish this food had more salt in it.” But you don’t know how to ask a girl out. It’s a simple matter, and this whole direct question thing just continues in relationships. C'mon, guys--pony up. Grow a pair (or use 'em since you've got 'em) and ask her a question. Don't avoid it.* I mean, if you’re proposing to a girl you don’t get down on one knee, hold out a box with a diamond ring and say, “so, if you want to get married you should probably put this on your finger.” Hell no, you don't. (Or, if you do, no one could blame her for saying no…)

Instead, you ask her.

And that, m’dears, is one of my favorite things—when I am asked. If you can put your arm around me, kiss me, tell me something, take me to dinner, whatever. Sometimes it's better to just make the move, but if there's any hesitation or doubt on your end then don't do, don't hint, ASK. And as long as I actually want you to do whatever it is you're asking, it's a sure-fire way to make me like it even more.


*ps--why do all the cliche phrases for being indirect have sexual connotations in one way or another? pussyfoot, beat around the bush...yeah.

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BrainyBlonde said...

Ahh, Foxy, How I agree... Smart, single women have no need for a man that doesnt know how to ask for what he wants.. in order to try to get it.. It's flattering, it's intriguing, it's awesome.