Thursday, February 22, 2007

He came, I saw, we myspaced....

Well, it's been too long since my last post and I must tell you about Mr. Myspace's visit. *ah*

*reflective sigh*

Well, it all started out with complete awkward giggling since I felt like I should know him through our internet fling, but had never really seen him in person. Yeah, I'm a cyber whore. Whatever. (not really..) He seemed almost immediately comfortable...I found that incredibly attractive..

He's photogenic. He's chivalrous. He's sincere. He pay attention. He's pretty damn fabulous. However, he....lives in another state. I think the distance actually contributes to his fabulousness. No strings, no drama, no knocking down my walls... oh.. and he's a damn good kisser.. Did I mention that part? Well.. I could make this read like a steamy cheap novel.. but I won't. Fact of the matter is.. we drank, we danced, we photo-ed, we kissed. End of story. Oh..and it was good.. We also hung out, talked, walked, laughed...all the while I attempted to maintain the distance thing I do quite well to avoid liking him. I attempted to look at him, pick him apart..and find things I dont like.. That didnt work very well. But, I tried damnit. The best part is... I barely know the guy, but I know where he stands on a lot of things...which I dont really feel like ranting about.. It was nice to be at the bar, look over, see him talking to whoever-girls- and not wonder where he might hit on someone else.. or wonder period. It was written all over his face. There was no wondering who he was there with.. I liked that.

We connect well.. Does that mean I need to run off into the sunset? Um. No. But, does that mean I had an awesome time? Uh YEAH. Oh how do I get myself in these situations??!! He wants to plan another visit.. maybe meet up somewhere for a weekend or something. This makes me want to run.. no.. the other direction.. He's not supposed to REALLY like me. But, I'm not gonna lie.. I keep thinking "I'm in my 20s.. Im single.. I met a nice guy who knows exactly where Im at.. hmm.. a little weekend rendezvouz might not be the WORST idea.. " Gah.. its such a breath of fresh air to talk to someone a little older, a little more experienced, a little more grounded.. a little "more." I think (reverting back to my former post awhile back) I just needed to know a Mr. In-Between was out there.. and now I know. I love that. (insert HUGE smile) Where that takes me... Im not really sure I care... it just makes me smile, thats all..

Lates, my fellow singles..

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L said...

I know the perfect city that's in between the two of you that you can meet up for the weekend : )