Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i wanna get married.

okay, that's a lie.

well, sort of, anyway.

it's not so much that I mind being single. it's that I mind the pitiful looks, the tiptoeing around subjects. And, though I'm all about odd numbers, I get tired of feeling like a third or fifth or seventh wheel. I'm a one in a sea of twos. and maybe three dog night was right--one IS the loneliest number.

I can't seem to recall a good valentine's day. like, ever. For the most part, I've been *taken* on VDay. But not this year...

I didn't have a boyfriend on valentines day in 8th grade--he asked me the day after.
9th grade-I got a plastic sunflower. seriously.
10th grade-I baked my boyfriend a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie cake. He let his brother eat it and gave me nothing in return.
11th grade-dinner at Novel Idea, where I was confused all night, looking for the lobster. Y'see, lobster bisque? yeah, it's a soup.
12th grade-I didn't see my BF. He was away at college. I probably got a card and a cd.
freshman year-I probably had a test. And I probably got dinner. and my dad died six days later.
sophomore year-I think we went to dinner with his parents. Or we hung out in his frat house room. ooh, and I think he gave me a Mary Engelbreit tea pot, for which one clearly has no use while living in a sorority house.
junior year-this was one of the better ones, mostly 'cause I had a new boyfriend then and had made a huge stink about how they always sucked.
senior year-uber hectic. went to the olive garden. no presents.
2004-I don't even want to talk about it.
2005-I went car shopping and then to dinner at a bar. We were "just dating" at that point, and the car guy spoke to him that whole time. I at least got a back rub out of it.
2006-droopy pink gerbera daisies, orange lilies (which mean hatred) both purchased at the grocery store on the way home, no card and I made dinner.

that's gonna make this one the lucky #13. and I'm celebrating it with my friend betsy. which will be plenty fun, to be sure--but if I were married??? people wouldn't give me the pitiful looks, and at least there'd be a justification for why I'm hanging out with a girl friend on a holiday such as this one...

eh. can't wait for this holiday to be o-ver. only pity is that they'll stop running the funny proflowers commercial...

and at least there's NO WAY you can mess up a vday spent with a friend. champagne + fondue + chocolate=guaran-damn-teed good time. :)


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