Monday, February 26, 2007

It took 8 hours...

..but Mr. Myspace came in town this weekend.. get this.. to SURPRISE ME! Um. Whoa? He drove. here. again. Yeah. Fact. Picture it.. I was out with my friends to dinner. Some OTHER friends started sending me texts saying "where are you?" and "why dont you come over to __'s house.." I thought this to be quite strange since we had all discussed meeting up later. Then, the kicker, girl friend text me saying "Mr. Myspace=here. Seriously!" I almost spit out my edamame. With that, I said "I'll go ahead and get another glass of wine..or um.. just the bottle." I was actually kinda excited/annoyed. I don't "do" surprises. I dont handle them well. I like them, mind you, but I just dont handle them well.

Besides, here I am thinking "hmph! What if I was on a DATE?! He's got a lot of nerve!!! " Well, I wasnt...and turns out he had very little intention of interrupting me that night but was just hanging with his other friend (our mutual friend) and wanted to call me later (aka he didnt want to interrupt my plans). (please note I had said I wanted to see him again on the phone a couple times.. so I have to take some blame even if it freaked me initially) It was my friends that were all about the telling me he was here."The telling me" got me all "the nervous" which wasnt fun! I mean.. we'd talked all week and I had thought..and verbalized "Sheez.. I wish I had seen you more.. I was kinda standoffish/scared/avoidant last weekend despite hanging out a little.." Welp, apparently he listens. lol!

Long and short of it, we had a great time. No drama. My friends love him. After I learned of his pretty genuine intentions to not disrupt my already-made plans, I was pretty damn flattered. The flattery continued when he uttered the words "I just dont feel like you have been treated the way you deserve. You deserve to be a priority." This. makes me smile, people. AM I ready to be a priority? Um. No. Do I hide that? Definitely not. I LIKE being single right now.. I truly do.. But, feeling like a priority this weekend was pretty cool. The best part is.. I really didnt cancel ANY plans with my friends. Im not all ga-ga over this guy and abandoning my judgment. I had Sunday night plans already and he actually said "hey, I remember you had plans, just call me after if you want." Um. wow. So, I did. I didnt feel pressured. Didnt feel controlled. Didnt feel like I really had to do a damn thing.. which made me want to call. Either this guy is GOOOOD or he knows how to work me. lol!

Seriously. I LOVE talking with him. The HOURS pass with just talking.. even face to face..and laughing.. and neither one of us has ANY idea. Yeah, we messed around...and it was.. um.. fabulous. I'd tell you, but you'd vomit a little in your mouth. Seriously. Maybe another blog. Really quick.. when did I wake up and become an adult? When did I wake up and make MATURE decisions.. like not rushing things, being TRUTHFUL about the place I'm in..or the place I'm not.. I mean.. yeah. When did I start liking MATURE guys.. with their shit together.. that know what they want-not just in relationships, but in general. Good Lord. Hell, when did meeting someone "on" the internet (even through a mutual friend..whatever) become semi-okay? I mean.. wha!?! Serial killer, he's not. Old maid, I'm not. Well, I guess he COULD still be a serial killer... I'll keep you updated. ;)

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