Monday, February 12, 2007

Walleriffic Monday

I posted..but then I didnt like it. So, here's take deux. Who out there has walls when it comes to dating? ME!ME! (insert me raising my hand like a school girl). The question I pose out there is... walls are in place for good measure, right? Okay.. well.. when are walls too much? When do you have too many up? Or.. when are you supposed to let them down? I have lots of them with the male sector...for good reason in my opinion. They are just what they In terms of the wall-like protection, I double bag it. haha. I mean.. I can talk, chat it up, flirt with a guy from behind my walls and feel protected, unexposed. I can START to climb them, but ultimately know I can totally jump back over to the safe zone should somethign happen. Sooo..when is that magical (annoying) point when you realize "Shit! Where'd the damn wall go?" and you turn around.. looking..and NADA. This point is usually after a night of heavy drinking when you initiate the DTR (define the relationship) or throw out the drunken L bomb..or even do the dirty..and I mean dirty. (hey, you're drinking, right? whatever). I rather like my walls. I dont think Im ready to let them down, climb over them, or really even move.. I'd rather my little muffled voice come from behind the wall. Yup. Mr. Myspace comes in this weekend. I had better watch my wine intake. ;) With some people, in wine there is truth. With me, in wine there is bullshit. Seriously. It totally messes up my walls. I get all "nice" and "charming" and all that makes me wanna vomit in my mouth a little. Yeah.

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foxysavant said...

oh dear. I SO have walls. Like, a series of walls, each higher and more-difficult-to-scale than the previous. I think cingular could use my walls in their you-have-signal commercials.

I've never thrown out a drunken L-bomb but I have been WAAAAAY too flirty before...can be just as dangerous.

maybe you should switch to vodka. or beer. yeah, that's the ticket.