Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Morning After..

Welp, as an update to my happy vday post, Mr. Safe is MAD. MAD. MAD. at me... actually NOT speaking to me. Well, you see, I suppose that IS the mature thing to do, right? Mr. Safe found out that I went to lunch with Mr. Ex (IT. WAS. LUNCH. Who freaking CARES? Mr. Ex and I are friends now *sigh*). Then, he found out Mr. Myspace got me flowers, too. So, he got his panties in a wad and has now not only gotten pissed at me, but TALKED about it to EVERYONE in the office practically. To make matters better, he gets all the sympathy from people b/c he acts all forlorn and confused. Okay, really quick.. Note here that Mr. Safe has NEVER asked me out on a date (b/c he's Mr. Safe) and didnt even CALL me BACK yesterday (on vday), so really.. WHAT??!! I have NEVER said I want anything with Mr. Safe and have actually said the OPPOSITE to him. WHAT.THE. HELL. As much as I LOVE having my office talk about me behind my back as though I am some evil flower hoarding troll, I am so fired up. Ladies, I know you can relate this simple thought... If you're mad at ME, why dont you talk to ME instead of other people?! OH. MY. GOD. Are all single guys out there just freaking nuts?! I believe so.

I tried to play the mature route.. I instant messaged.. then went to his office.. then called him.. all with NO reply. I have been trying to HOURS to talk to him as I feel this whole thing would have been avoided if he and I had spoken. grrrrrrRRRRRRRR! I am assuming he and OUR office friends went to lunch. without me. Great, so I get flowers and eat lunch with an ex and now I'm apparently the devil. Perfect. Then, I took the low road. I emailed him.. in the heat of anger. I think I ended my rant with something bitchy like "oh, and btw.. happy valentines." LOL! I am such a bitch sometimes. It's evil, but it makes me laugh...only cause Im mad.

Here's the deal.. Mr. Safe is my best guy friend and is it fair that I KNOW he likes me and have tried to get things going with him before? Not really.. but.. in my defense, I TRIED to like him b/c I wanted to so very badly. I wasnt having some evil plan to get him to propose and then run away laughing. (insert cruella deville) I mean... I just got out of a serious relationship. My emotions were f-ed up! Also, please note.. again.. Mr. Safe.. NEVER asked me out... This is the whole reason he's Mr. Safe.. b/c he is so sweet and sincere.. but then gets all freaking little school boy whiney when his feelings get hurt. Im like.. GROW. A. PAIR. and deal with this like an adult.. Afterall, he IS 6 years older than me.

Here I am.. left with my frustration and having to stay the rest of the day and work as he gets office PITY from me getting flowers. Thanks, asshole, for ruining me being kinda happy about the flowers and feeling special. Thanks a lot. Annoying. How is it that women get such a bad wrap for being "too emotional" and not "saying how they feel?" when I know myself.. and others.. have NO problem expressing how we feel. It's not my fault GUYS are so immature! Hmph!
-BB :)


foxysavant said...

checking: Mr. Safe didn't take part in your hickey post, right? if he did that might explain some of the dramarama you've got going on.

also, if anything, you'd expect the flowers from competition to make Mr. Safe want to try harder to get you. what kind of a wuss mopes about shit like that?

and, um, the lunch date with Mr. Ex? I'm sorry...was that ON vday? a little odd, maybe, but totally healthy that y'all can break bread together and whatnot. I mean, it's not like you canoodled over pasta or anything lady-and-the-tramp like, right? besides, YOU'RE SINGLE and can eat lunch with whoever you damn well please.

at least you get pretty flowers? right?

brainyblonde said...

1. No hickey with Mr. Safe. I dont think he knows how. Kidding but whatever.
3. Yeah, the friends thing seems to work when Im getting attn from other guys and dont feel like I need affirmation from him. Assclown. haha! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Lunch w/ the guy who broke your heart doesn't sound like "friends" to me, it sounds like trouble. Trouble for you, that is. Mr. Safe is jealous, but that is his problem. You aren't committed.
2. You say Mr. Safe hasn't asked you out, but I don't think it necessarily has to be put into words like that. Sending you flowers and other things he might do that are similar sound to me like his way of telling you he wants to be with you.
3. Despite it all, you are obviously pretty great to get flowers from 2 different guys on Valentine's Day. Be glad about that.