Monday, February 5, 2007

Can I talk about...

.....other things besides dating.. and dating, too?? Yeah, I can. Since this blog is anonymous..and fledgling, I think we can talk about whatever we damn well want. Yes. :) Anyway.. so I have hickeys..I havent had hickeys since I 18.. it's funny.. kinda.. How I got them.. I'll make you wait for that one..

So, I loathe my job. Being single has its perks... like not dragging a family down with you if you want to quit a job, buuuuut.. being SMART and single makes you realize you have no one else to pay your bills should you flounder miserably by switching jobs. (aka I have a hard decision)I have sent NUMEROUS resumed to a variety of jobs.. that I am TRULY interested in..and have gotten NO. RESPONSES. Seriously? Well, take that back, I followed up with a woman via email about one I applied for a week and a half ago.. She wrote me and said "We are reviewing the applications daily, so I am sure you will have a response soon." Um.. does that mean I'm not in the running? Daily? I applied last week. Sheez.

Okay, so the hickeys.. Look, people. I'm not proud of this moment. I had a long week last week.. LONG. WEEK. I foundered. I faltered. I have hickeys. But, damnit.. it was fun. It wasn't random and gross, but I really dont think discussing it on here is gonna be good since I am at work and people walk in all the time (and NO, it wasnt a co-worker..ew). I'm wearing a turtleneck. That's all you need to know. (and it was SOO fun) And.. I honestly feel pretty damn good that I kinda "used" someone for stress relief. He got stress relief, too.. I mean.. I'm not a complete bitch. Just sayin.. it had been MONTHS, people. MONTHS. I'm in my 20s... A girl has needs. *happy sigh* Here's the question.. can I really be as no strings attached as I feel? I have NEVER been like that.. and I dont plan on losing my morals or anything, but.. I wouldnt mind wearing a turtleneck again next week if you catch my drift. lol! Hmm.. well, guess I'll just have to watch out for feelings getting in the way. Til then, I feel well...just so. and I like being so. (mischievous grin here)

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foxysavant said...

high-five on the hickeys! :D