Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the sex card

a quote from Mr. Science/Soccer "it amazes me how powerless girls suddenly become when they realize that they're not the one who gets to play the sex card."

he wasn't talking about us. he was talking about his past.

as a woman, my first blush response was to be bothered that he'd say something like that. I mean, until I realized he was right.

and I kinda think it's funny. as much as we women complain about stereotypes, we impose them on men CONSTANTLY. and it's not that they aren't true, no no, but it's a skosh hypocritical, dontcha think?

and furthermore, that's not even the point. point is there's more to a lady than the space between her legs. I mean, am I right? because upon finding out, in the odd circumstance, that you're ready to get busy and he isn't, for the love of pete don't think you're suddenly all worthless or whatever.

the sex card isn't power. sex should never be about power. withholding it isn't a fair way to fight, and it's wrong to use it to prove a point. it's far more special than a bargaining tool. and you boys out there should remember this too.

also, a suggestion. don't google-image-search for "sex card" at work. this might seem like a no-brainer, but just incase...


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