Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Raise your glass to the smart and singles!!!

First things first, we reached out 100th post.. in my last one.. so.. I feel like that should be celebratory. HOORAY! Okay, Im done. :)

I recently got a myspace message from a former best friend.

Background briefly.... This girl lived across the street from me prettttttttttty much my WHOLE childhood/teenage years. She was always "the pretty one" and the one that all the boys liked.. Buuuuut, her mommy also home-schooled her so she could do pageants full time. Back then, I didn't see that her mom was not only NEVER actually teaching her, but was instilling some HORRIBLE values in her. I mean...she pulled her out of school at 5th grade thus disabling her from ever being competitive in anything scholastic. I mean.. she tried to come to high school, but could never keep up.I heard she got married to someone named TBone or something after she got pregnant. Anyway.. we didnt stay in touch.I went off to college, my mom moved from the neighborhood, and well..that was that.

She found me on myspace last week.. and I was so sad (but not shocked) to see that her life is seemingly not in a good place. She walked in on TBone (whatever) cheating. I wouldnt wish that on anyone, even though I wasnt surprised at this character's acts. She told me shes's finishing the divorce and her life is pretty much crap right now. Her page is dark and depressing...and the first time I read it, I seriously wondered about her well being. After talking via myspace a little, I have really realized that, just as I remember, she only knows how to value herself through the eyes of men.

I cant help but both pity this..but also get INFURIATED at her parents..especially her mother. Her mother pushed her to do pageants instead of scho0ling...and that appearace is the only thing that matters in life. Her mother always wanted her to have boyfriends and was kinda twisted about it. Back then, it was just annoying. Today, it's sickening to see what it's done to her. She has total dependent happiness...dependent on a man's affection. She has a beautiful daughter..but only writes about how every man she dates disappoints her.

I'm ranting..but I guess it boils down to... in this smart, single, and successful blog, I am thankful to be a writer instead of my former friend on myspace. She will truly never understand being smart, single...and being happy in those things... I've tried to motivate her and help her see what I see..but she wont. She just asked if I knew anyone (a guy) that's single.. esp since I'm a professional. So... a bit reflective and so thankful for where I am...

Cheers to the smart and single ladies out there...not b/c we're better, stronger, or happier....but b/c we're us and we dont depend on anyone to create OUR happiness. We might have our down and out moments...or get our hearts hurt...but all in all, we're in a pretty damn good place. :)



foxysavant said...

shall we toast with martinis or champagne?

here's to being in a pretty damn good place. thanks for telling your story, bb. :)

Elle said...

Here, here!