Tuesday, May 15, 2007

officially unofficial and mixed mix messages.

what a fun weekend! good dates, good times, good developments. I liked it, for the most part.

Remember how I got all upset 'cause people thought it was weird that we weren't having sex? Well, apparently it's normal for him. And it's sure as heck normal for me. Waiting for a while is normal. Sometimes drunk friends spill the beans, and it's even better when you don't even bring up said beans, someone just volunteers the info.

interesting, indeed.

Next up, we're officially unofficial. Which also might seem a little nutso to you, but is soooo okay with me. It went a little like this:

Mr. Science/Soccer Hottie's friend (this feller needs a better nickname. little help, brainy? or anyone?) was drunk and blabbing, and called me his girlfriend. Twice. I was informed by one of the guys there (who is the fiance of my best friend) that these are the rules:
a. if "girlfriend" is used once by a guy's friend, let it go. unless it's used once by multiple friends.
b. if "girlfriend" is used more than once by a guy's friend, you can ask about it later. it's best if you do so jokingly.
c. if the guy ever uses the term "girlfriend" towards you in front of you, and you haven't made it official yet, you're allowed to stop the convo right then and there, and tease.

So, I got to go with B. There was side poking when I asked, and then a nice deflection "yeah, that wasn't lost on me." Later I came right out and told him--"I don't need to be your girlfriend right now, but I do need to know that you aren't seeing anyone else. Because I'm not. And I'm really starting to dig you." He isn't. It's not his style. :)

I had to tell quite a few more people we weren't "official"--because they asked me. Our mutual friend, the girl on the bench at the soccer game, one of his teammates, his friends at the party. Seriously, it was crazy. Those people talk A LOT. But it means I learn a lot, 'cause I just let the durnk guys babble!


so, Mr. Science/Soccer gives me little gifts. Like the pun popsicle sticks. Or these cute little tissue paper flowers that he made one day at school (and yes, he really made 'em. he's in middle school. quit teasing, I think it's adorable.). see?

so I decided that maybe, just maybe, he likes receiving little gifts since he seems to like surprises/gifts so much. I'd already told him I was making him a cd (seriously, go check out the avett bros--they have a new one out today, too!) so I decided to make him a mix cd as well.

now, let me take a break here and tell you that I love love love mix cds. they're kind of my personal hero. a great way to introduce people to bands and all. love 'em. but I'm not a fan of ones with "messages" hidden in 'em.

not that I haven't made that kind, but it's been for big occasions, like an anniversary, and I've worked the song titles into a poem or something cute like that. but no, usually, it's just sharing good tunes with good people.


a lot of girls don't think that way. which makes me shudder a little.

really, I'm hoping that he gets it. I didn't clarify except to say "these are some songs I really like." It seems that the lack of messages would be self-evident--there are some called "i think i love you," or that sing about making love to a beautiful girl, and feeling like the world's not so bad anymore, but then others are about killing your lover, or what happens the days before you die, or one called "catch my disease."

so, I can assume that at best he'll think the messages are mixed? (mmmm I heart puns)

seriously though, I don't have to clarify, right? it's too late to do so now, anyway, I'll look like I've been obsessing. but really, do 27-year-old guys automatically think that everything has a message?

[crosses her fingers for a no.]


LMNt said...

He probably won't read too much into it unless doing so would reinforce what he already thinks. In other words, if he already thinks you're reading a little too much into the situation (which he obviously doesn't, by virtue of the sweet little surprises), he'll think some part of you meant some of those messages. You're fine.

That mix sounds awfully familiar, though... You're such a player. :-P

foxysavant said...

not a player. you know better than to call me that. as a matter of fact? only made mixes for two guys...

but, question:
have you never put the same song on multiple mixes?

gotta admit, the two of yours did share about eight songs. but, of course, they're some of my favorites. besides, christina heard the shared ones before either of you.

so there.
[sticks out tongue]