Friday, May 11, 2007


first things first, let's get the definition out of the way. says...

"Affected with intense romantic attraction. "

and good ol' urban dictionary has pretty much the same thing to say.

also, right now I am totally guilty of being "smitten." but I'm digressing, and that's another story for another day.

so, if you would, picture this in your head...

it's a chilly day, maybe slighty windy. the type of day where any venturing outside should be followed immediately by some hot chocolate. it isn't freezing, but it's cold.

you're going on date, oh, let's say five or six with someone new, and you and your honey decide to go for a little early evening pre-dinner stroll. you're walking hand in hand, 'cause your big coats are getting in the way of any arm-around-each-other action.

you think about how this is fun, how you're really starting to like this person. she's pretty awesome, he thinks.


she whips out a pair of these:

now, really? this idea is half brilliant, half insane. I think it needs to come with a disclaimer: for very serious couples only. Guys, can you imagine how you'd feel if the girl brought out a set of smittens all of the sudden? Worse still would be if the guy had them, I've gotta admit.

It's like if you found out the girl already had towels monogrammed with they guy's last initial, or had a tattoo with the guy's name already drawn out. Or maybe it's more like finding that piece of paper where she's practiced signing his last name...but in any case?


clever, but yikes.

soooo, go get a pair for your engaged or married friends. they'll think it's cute. but don't get a pair for yourself if you're a smart and single...or you'd better limit your dating to the warm months.


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Kate said...

lmao. that girl shouldn't even have a boyfriend.