Wednesday, May 2, 2007

wow, he must have dated some real lightbulbs before...

already established fact: I am a smart cookie. I'm not bragging here, I'm stating a fact. don't hate.

so, I've been dating this guy for, what, seven weeks now? (yes, I just counted) things have been going well. we've had a few awkward moments, but none of the level that would cause problems. and I'm having a lot of fun. :)

last night we went to meet my friends out for pizza and beer, and on our way we stopped at a gas station. it was called "huffs," and had a wolf by the word on its sign. I can't find a graphic, but I'll be near it this weekend so I might have to take a picture for y'all.

anyhoo, I remark, "huffs, what a weird name for a gas station. and with a wolf as the logo. hmm."
he replies, "well, I think it miiiight have something to do with a fairy tale."
me: "a fairy tale name for a GAS station? what?!? that's random."
and he says, "well, you do know which one, right?"
"no," I reply. no, let me rephrase that. "no," I reply sarcastically.

dude honestly believes that I don't know about the three little pigs. did I mention I grew up in a great plains state, in a lower-to-lower-middle-class family, that I attended public education and I speak english as my first language? oh, and that judging by my likes/dislikes, particularly in the movie arena, it wouldn't be a stretch to think I knew about fairy tales?

he gets out to pump his gas, I'm fumbling around in my purse looking for my burt's bees lip stuff. he pops his head back in the car and just stares at me with an expectant/curious expression. HE STILL THINKS I DON'T KNOW. I get out of the car. I stand with him as the gas is pumping. And I explain to him that yes, of course I know. I was being sarcastic.

now, let me take a moment to tell you two things.
1. he, too, is a smart cookie.
2. he has a smile that makes me ever-so-slightly weak in the knees.

and oh, one more thing.
this is NOT, I repeat, NOT the first time I've had to tell him that I'm sarcastic. I am sarcastic all the damn time. Like, practically in a constant state of sarcasm (which, by the way, could be a great band name). and I do know know how to


that I am a sarcastic girl. who knew this part would be so complicated, mmmm?

suggestions? rebuttals? jokes?
I'll take 'em all.


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BB said...

HAHAHA!!! i HATE that. Here's the thing.. I, too, live among the sarcastics and I get so annoyed when someone expects me to EXPLAIN that I know what they're talking about!! *sigh* Oh boys.. You should have flipped your hair, acted like a dumb blonde and said "Waiiiiit.. Like.. one with the wolf?" Men. Hmph!