Friday, May 11, 2007

the nice guy.

so, I bet a lot of us reading this have got one of these people (guys, it's a nice girl for you...just replace the gender-specific words accordingly, okay?)...

it's the guy who's your friend. maybe you hang out together. maybe you flirt a little. maybe you talk about your relationship issues.

but when you boil it down, more often than not, one of you is interested and one of you isn't.

and it sucks.

me? I have a nice guy friend. He's funny and so so kind, and he's a gentleman, too. But he's not cute, and he's not someone I'd want to date. I'm not interested in him. However, it's quite clear to me that he is interested in me.

now, to clarify, I'm not all "woe is me." quite the opposite. I think "poor guy."

and I feel kind of guilty. We play on a softball team together. We go to the batting cages. He helps me fix my audio/visual equipment. And he buys me sushi for dinner. And brings me my favorite icecream.

he actually refuses to let me pay, too. i've paid for my own meal in his presence twice--once because there were three of us (Mr. TDaH joined us) and once because I went and got to-go sushi while he fixed my TV.

thing is, I *know* he likes me, or at least thinks I'm terribly cute and impressive and amazing, because he SHOWERS me with compliments. I mean, he TELLS me these things. Like all the time. And I tell him he's a nice guy. And that some day some girl will be lucky to catch him, and I mean it--but that girl? She ain't nevah gonna be me.

am I doing anything wrong? he knows I'm dating someone, he knows I really like the guy, and he knows that he and I aren't dating.

and a few hours ago he sent me an email asking if we could hang this weekend. yeesh.



Kate said...

oh that's a tough one. but it's always true that one likes the other more. as long as your up front with him i don't see why you can't be friends and hang out.

God's gift to women (with really low standards) said...

Having been that guy sadly more than once, I would say to you that you should completely cut ties with him for awhile. It's best for both of you. Let him realize that things aren't going to happen and let him adjust to that. I think if you take a break now, it'll be better in the long run. Just my 2 cents.