Monday, May 7, 2007

a lesson: how to make a girl spend ten minutes searching for you...because she really wants to...

step one: go to a bar.

step two: have to go to the bathroom. or the other half of the bar. somewhere. the location doesn't matter so long as you are turning a corner or going in a door or something. you need to be able to (temporarily) disappear.

step three: begin your walk to wherever it is that you're going. on your way, notice the girl standing at the corner of the bar, two drinks in her hand, presumably waiting for someone.

step four: hope it's another girl.

step five: as you pass her, even though she's not checking you out, grab her upper arm gently with both of your hands.

step six: look her in the eyes and slooowly say the following four words, placing emphasis one the third one, and say it like you mean it with utmost sincerity: "you are soooo cute."

step seven: walk away. be confident that the girl is blushing and/or smiling.

in my case? both.

as soon as my friend got back from the restroom (couldn't very well leave our drinks there and I didn't want to follow like a puppy) we spent the next ten minutes looking for--get this--a white guy with dark-ish possibly curly and sorta short hair, who might've been a little tan, might've had a goatee and was definitely wearing a dark shirt that may or may not have had short sleeves.

we were At. A. Bar. there were A LOT of guys that fit that description. a LOT. surprised? didn't think so.

but nonetheless, we looked. just so I could point him out.

the best parts?
1. there was no "what's your name?" after the compliment. it was just freely given.
2. the guy in the sombrero who I took a picture with.

if I'd found him and wanted to talk to him, woulda bought him a drink. pity for him I'm only seeing one person right now (okay, well not officially, but in my head I'm sure that's what we're both doing--otherwise the other girl is getting ZERO attention 'cause we've already got plans for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, but I digress), but if I hadn't been...mighta had to track him down for reals.

I mean, who walks up and just informs a girl that they're really cute, I ask? betcha if you do it right, that kind of a trick could work every time. It sure as heck got my attention because he sounded so genuine--like he couldn't help but make sure I knew!

sidenote of badness: we might have found him. not sure. only got a profile, not a straight on view. but if it was him--under no circumstances should you rock three days of stubble at a bar on a saturday night. if you're trying to grow a beard, start on a sunday, k?


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