Thursday, May 24, 2007

half-in-the-bag confessions of a boy.

so, like most people, even guys get a little (or sometimes a lot) loose-lipped while drinking.

I personally like to think that as long as the person isn't hammered (and instead is just feelin' good), then you can probably take a lot of what they're saying as the truth. their filter is turned off/on a lower setting, and they're just saying what they think instead of wondering "how will she take this" or "what will it seem like I mean if I say this?"

it's different than drunken confessions of love, it's more like taking the saying " in vino veritas" pretty literally.

and gotta say? i kinda love it.

it's when boys tend to tell you exactly why they dig you.
and what's on their mind.
and how they feel.
and when they think of you.
and what you mean to them.

oh, it's not like they're all blatant and direct about it, mercy me no. but they say things, things that reveal so much about what's going on in their head. and trust me, I'm not overanalyzing. it's hard to overanalyze something that so simple to understand.

and i like it.

i'd give you specific examples, 'cept I kind of want to keep 'em to myself...

so go get your beverage of choice, have enough to make you a skosh inebriated and call the one you like/love/lust. chances are you'll say just enough to make that person on the other end of the line all sappy-smiley without compromising yourself.

and if you have too much and go too far? you can blame it on the alcohol. :)


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