Tuesday, April 10, 2007

this is swell.

Mr. TDaH, the man candy? He's going to be coming to the batting cages with me today. I kinda invited the whole team, but there are only one or two other people who will be joining me. And, of course, one of them is him.

This means, as a mental image, I will permanently be engrained in his mind as sweaty/dirty/greasy. just swell, I tell you. swell.

I mean, there are some contexts where it's perfectly okay for a guy to think of me as sweaty and dirty, especially if we worked up that sweat together, but really? Playing softball isn't exactly the kind of situation I'm envisioning here.

There are LOADS of cute guys on my softball team though. Maybe I'm going to have to figure out a cute-yet-functional way to wear my hair while I'm playing, and perhaps those baseball players are going to have to move up a notch!



LMNt said...

May I suggest the baseball cap with the ponytail sticking out the hole in the back? That one totally gets me every time I see it. Rowr!

Anonymous said...

mmm, see, I don't wear baseball caps unless I HAVE to. it's a thing. because my twin sister always wears baseball caps. like constantly. so, I don't.

I have three--a college one and two pink ones, and yet I wear exactly none of them.

dumb, maybe, but that's why.