Wednesday, April 4, 2007

semper ubi sub ubi.

that, m'dears, is latin for "always wear underwear." or close enough...

anyway, yesterday I bought new panties. they are cotton, fun colors and new!

it got me thinking about how after my last big-bad-break-up my good friend told me that I should go out and buy a bunch of new underwear, and that it would make me feel a lot better. I thought she might be a little crazy.

but know what? she's right. buying new underwear, even just 'cause it's on sale, is soooo much fun. I find something slightly alarming though. what's up with the new trend of undies that look like little kid's underoos? I must confess I totally bought a pair that are kelley green with white piping--and completely appear to be like whitey-tighties-for-girls, like with non-functional stitching in the front that makes it look like there's a way to open 'em up, and all that jazz. And somehow, despite how disgusting those whitey-tighties look on guys, these faux-green ones look pretty darn hot on me.

since when did it become cute to wear undergarmets that look like they belong on little boys? and why do I get the idea that if someone were to, say, see me in those and a tanktop I might not be wearing either piece of clothing for very long, mmm?

tonight I shall enjoy the fun that is the secret single behavior and be indulging in a no-pants party. or or or, tomorrow when I wake up I might have to dance around and shake my booty and startle the ups man, a'la cameron diaz in charlie's angels.

happy hump day, folks. :)



LMNt said...

Well, now.

That's quite the mental image.


brainyBlonde said...

Hooray for underwear!!! :) I have so much to blog, but this whole work thing keeps geting in the way!!! *sigh*