Friday, April 27, 2007

sappity sap sap

yes, it is approximately 1250am on a saturday morning, and yes, I am blogging. so sue me.

boys: a tip to the hip--when in another state, call your ladylove*, she will like it.

girl: answer the damn phone. and keep him talking. even if it's about the james brown memorial.

so, a confession. I'm kinda sorta maybe a little in a something. the kind of something that might eventually end up in some sort of a something with actual titles that have three or four letters in front of the word "friend." and I'm kind of digging it. technically single (and really, I think I'm allowed to contribute to this blog until I have to check "married" on my tax forms) and enjoying the hell out of it. but still.

I'm feeling all sappity sap sappy. I want to gush. I'm resisting the urge, 'cause, y'know, I might regret said gushing in the morning...but all in all? yeah, liking the sap. of, um the trees. that's the ticket...riiiiiiiight.

now? it's time to go cuddle up with my kitty cats in my kinda-worn-out-but-sooooooo-comfy pjs. see, I told you I was technically single. :)


*like this, not meaning like this.

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Anonymous said...

nice. enjoy it.