Friday, April 13, 2007

fresh linens.

this morning, as I took my sheets off my bed, I was thinking about how I, like lots of other people, put clean sheets on my bed before going on a date where I hope something bed-related will happen. For some people this is sex, but for me I'm probably just crossing my fingers for some kissing and cuddling. So before the date, I make a point of changing the sheets. y'know, like you do.

but now I'm wondering if this is kind of like those stories about waiting for a special occasion to use your good china and then ending up never using it. like me and my never-used but prettily-on-display wedding china.

the two things are different--one place setting probably cost as much as my 100% cotton sateen sheet sets--but symbolically they're kind of the same. Of course sometimes you use the fancy wine glasses, and I sure as heck hope you change your sheets sometimes when you don't have a date that night, catch my drift.

so anyway, I think from now on my sheet-changing routine might have to be a tad different. maybe I should change them every time I think I'm going to have fun. or before every weekend. or something. and maybe you should, too.


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Anonymous said...

i've actually never changed my sheets in preparation (or in hope!) of a date. lol. i think that counting my chickens waaaayyyyy before they hatch. lol. ya know, sorta like a jinx.