Wednesday, April 11, 2007

apparently I possess a fear-inspiring force

apparently I intimidate.


or maybe it's just that I make guys nervous. that's possible too, I guess. I mean, quite honestly sometimes guys make me nervous--and I'm not a gal who gets nervous easily.

but it's quite alarming to me that just by being who I am I seem to make people a little solicitous, a little skittish or just a tad twitchy.

and the most frustrating part is I don't even know what I'm doing to cause it--it just happens.

there are a lot of "maybe I'm too _______"s I could list. Quite honestly I know quite a few men who have been off-put by my intellect--'course I let them go on the merry way as soon as I realized it--but really? though I can think of many adjectives that usual describe me, like "shiny," "happy," "punny," "obstinate," "clever," "silly" or "feisty,"I never thought "intimidating" would join that little list.

now how to unintimidate, eh?


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