Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the fact of the matter is…

I, Foxy, have been dating two Matts. Two witty, smart-ass, funny-as-hell, attractive Matts. Both with blueish eyes and a good helping of nerdiness (though one is more science-nerdy than the other). But, I mean, they are sooooo not the same person. One is a science teaching, soccer-playing, frat-guy who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and the other is more cultured, an avid reader and quite the musician. It's not that one is a jock and one is a socialite--but they've both got a more prominent side, y'know? And they are both friends of two of my friends who are my sorority sisters and whose names begin with a "K." I can really relate to pieces and parts of both of them--I mean, I'm a painter, aphotographer, an awesome cook, an engineer, a social butterfly, a pun-o-phile, a huge nerd, a sorority girl and a softball player.

But I have to admit, it’s getting a leeettle complicated.

My friends have come up with multiple nicknames for them. And if I forget the adjective o’ the day, I must explain who I’m talking about. Honestly? It’s pretty damn amusing. My friend “Jiggles” was like, "Foxy, this kind of thing would only happen to you." 'Cause me? I get weird illnesses and weird dating sitches. Maybe it's not that weird--Matt is a common name--but two? At the same time? After my string of K names? Kinda odd, methinks.

other funny things...Let’s see…

there’s been the MANY jokes about how at least I won’t say/moan/scream the wrong name…

and hilarious comments about having “so many matts to walk on” and how it’s a “matt attack”

but my personal favorite is the time I kinda kissed both of them in the same day. which is soooo not like me. it wasn't on purpose (one of them surprised me at my house, and it was actually our first kiss and could have been so much more romantic if I hadn't been horribly startled and sorta kinda yelped in fear when I opened my door to find him there!), I promise. but let me tell you what, that’s a great never have I ever.

but the fact of the matter? this is fun and exhausting at the same time. oh, woe is me, poor single girl, right? ha!


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